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Exciting news and some updates!
Hey everyone! A few things:

First off, Rock Life is happy to welcome Megan into the family! Her photography and insight will be a great addition to the team! So look for more to come from here in the immediate future! Also check the list of shows where we'll be, for places to hit up Megan!

If you haven't heard, The Academy Is... have posted their first single of Fast Times at Barrington High up on their Myspace. The song is called About A Girl and it's pretty awesome. I suggest you check it out, and if you're going to Warped Tour, be sure to check them out!

That's all for now, but make sure to scout us out at shows, and to check out the tour dates from our artist Cash Cash!



Cash Cash Tour and Merch
As the banner there says, babydolls, Cash Cash is starting on tour this August with Valencia, Sing It Loud, Single File, and Zolof The Rock & Roll Destroyer.

Let's face it kiddies, most of our favorite musicians' revenues come from the sale of merchandise, so show your devotion by showing up with twenty or thirty bucks to buy a shirt.  If you're not going to any of the shows, you can still show your love by bouncing over to Rock Life's sister Space, Love Me Or Leave me and clickity click on some of the links to Cash Cash's merch and buy yourself a shirt or some stickers.

I've already bought some of their bandmade patches, personally, and I think they're quite endearing.  And how many of your favorite bands hand-make cool stuff you can actually use?  I'm going to put mine on a bag.

So hop on over to their MySpace to check tour dates and prices (, and then check out Love Me Or Leave Me ( and add us to your friends!


Some Tasty Tidbits
Hey guys, gals, and miscellaneous!

Just giving you a heads up on whats new in our corner of the world!

First, might I suggest that all you lovelies head on over and check the new Gym Class Heores single, Cookie Jar. It's interesting, for sure. A little different than anything off of As Cruel As School Children, and it's definitely not The Papercut Chronicles, but it's not bad. I just need to hear the entire album before dropping a verdict.

Anyway, the other new and awesome thing I want to share with everyone is our new merchandise.

Check that out here! There's lost of rad stuff, and please, let me know if you buy something? I promise to hook everyone up with some free pins or a bracelet whenever we make those things available! Just send me an email!

See you on the road,


Artist Update: FLETCH
[Teen Wolf] Stiles eyes

Fletch began as a group of high school friends from Las Vegas, playing music together at local low-key venues. What started out as a dream, quickly grew into something more as they band gained popularity (and a fan base), and the band began to manage a local venue called The Alley. After a short stint as venue owners, they switched gears and began to focus entirely on the music, landing a record deal after playing a sold out show in their home town. After signing with Ifiymm, Fletch put out their first official self-titled EP consisting of seven songs. The album is still available for sale through iTunes and

The band hit the road to promote their EP, traveling back and forth across the United States and seeing very little of home. During their rigorous touring, Ifiymm disbanded 2008 due to problems inside the label, but this did not stop the band from making music. After returning from their cross-country ventures, the band decided to take a break and explore other projects in early 2008, but have since come back together to write new songs.

Fletch is currently planning to hit the road again to promote their new songs, which are available to hear on their Myspace page. They are also planning to shoot their first music video, and have been recording new material in LA.

Check out their myspace (linked above) and their Rock Life artist page (also linked above) for more information. Check out their new songs, especially The Outsiders. It's brilliant.

Artist Update: Cash Cash
Oh I'll run my lips down onto your never
Cash Cash


+ Jean Paul
+ Alex Luke
+ Samuel
+ Anthony

Originally going by the name The Consequence, Cash Cash was founded in 2002 by high school students JP Makhlouf, Sam Frisch, Mike Diroma, and Jeff Sayers. The pop punk band gradually shifted toward the alternative rock style, recording their own music in a basement studio and releasing the five-song EP Your Own Place in the summer of 2003. In 2005 came the release of their self-titled LP The Consequence, followed by the release of their second EP, By The Bedside, in spite of a constant shift in band members.

In March of 2008 The Consequence became Cash Cash, and after independantly selling over 1,000 copies of their EP, signed on with Universal Republic Records. Solidly playing away with Jean Paul doing vocals and guitar, Samuel on bass and vocals, Alex on the keyboard and Anthony on the drums, Cash Cash is now expected to release their debut full length album in the early fall of 2008.

Check out their MySpace (link above) or their Rock Life page (also above) for more information as it becomes available. Personally, I recommend their song Lush, it's an awesome sound.



Gold Foil Tee

Diamonds Tee

1" Buttons (Set of 5)

5" Sticker

Limited Edition Patch

Website Update
Stupid college.
Okay, so is officially up and running, though there are several pages containing no information. What is up and available? The following:

+ News Section - The news section, which is an rss feed right from our LiveJournal, which you can go ahead and friend if you've got an LJ. If you feel like dropping a comment on there but you don't have an account go ahead, anonymous posting should now be enabled. Try to leave your name, though!

+ Photography Section - Some of Sammy-darling's hot pics from concerts. Go check them out. I'm telling you, she gets you right up close enough to practically hump Mike Carden's leg.

+ Merch - not up yet. But give me just a few days, I'm flipping all our logos over to vector so we can get them uploaded onto some comfy clothes from a new printing company I found.

+ Cash Cash - Our band page for Cash Cash. Now, obviously they have a whole slew of websites and links of their own, all of which are neatly compiled here in their page. News, Media, and tour information will be updated as soon as we get it.

Still cleaning out corners and getting everything together, but it's going a tad slower than I'd like, but go check it out, browse around, and if you have any ideas for us toss 'em out.

Rock Life isn't a new concept, but the company itself is just getting started out on its feet with only a few people. If you're an unsigned band or a band signed with a small label, we'll be perfectly happy to give you a listen and see if we can incorporate you into our growing family. If you have anything recorded we can take songs online. If not, things may be a little bit trickier. If you're in the Philadelphia PA or Morehead KY areas we may be able to get out and see you perform, which we're willing to give a shot if possible.

- Shell


[Teen Wolf] Stiles eyes
So the website should be up and going soon (hopefully in another week or two soon), and that's going to be awesome. Shell is doing an amazing job with it, and I think it's going places.

Also, be on the look out for Rock Life t-shirts, hoodies, and bracelets. We're so legit it hurts!

We just signed on a new band to promote today! I'm pretty stoked about this one, because it's one of my current favorites!

Everyone check them out on myspace!

You can find out way more about Cash Cash in the Bands section of the upcoming site!

See you kids on the road, and feel free to leave comments!

In fact, got some kick ass bands you think deserve to have their name out there? Send them our way!


(no subject)
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If you're reading this blog, then welcome hopeless music lover! I'm Sammah! Thanks for reading commenting, showing interest, etc, etc, etc, etc. I won't bother with a long introduction. I figure that's not required, right?

Just a few random things to get off my chest:

The Tyga album? Really damn good.

Looking forward to the new stuff from the Gym Class Heroes.

New Cute Is What We Aim For song? Still not sure.

There isn't much to talk about at the moment, but stay tuned guys and girlies, cause Rock Life will be up and online soon, and we're bringing merch!

See you at Warped Tour, and don't be afraid to say hi!


You are the music while the music lasts.

Right on.


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