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writerofictions wrote in rock_life
Hey all!

So it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us, but rest assured we are here! Things are a bit hectic, and with the summer tour season about to kick off, we figured we’d get our asses into gear! Our website is currently down being revamped and we’re in search of new bands, but we’re still here kicking it on LJ! We also have a new blog and we’re looking to start a pod cast, so stick with us kids!

Tonight I have a couple of topics to toss out there about what’s been going on in the music scene and with Rock Life. First of all I want to go back a few nights to an incident that happened on Twitter that we’re fondly referring to as Gokey Gate ‘09.

For those of you who do not watch American Idol, Danny Gokey was a contest this past season who made it to the top three. He was sort of the self righteous religious type, which is totally fine, but he was a bit of an odd duck. Odd in that you could never tell if he was sincere or bullshitting you. Another of the contestants (who you’ve probably heard of unless you live under a rock, or maybe in space) was Adam Lambert, the seasons runner up. It was never a secret that Adam is gay, at least not to anyone who paid attention, and this was vastly overlooked for his incredible talent.

Except, of course, apparently by some of Gokey’s family who posted some not great things on the internet. Needless to say the fans took it and ran with it, hash tagging left and right about Danny Gokey being a douche and blowing up Twitter, Google, and LiveJournal. We were right there in the midst of all the insanity, watching it all unfold, and while I have to say I don’t know Danny Gokey personally and can’t attest to his level of doucheyness, I can say one thing:

Social networking is doing amazing things for music.

Adam Lambert fans, Kris Allen fans, people who didn’t know what the hell was going on, they all united in something and got as far as the MTV News with it. It was nice to just see that level of passion in something, that amount of outright love of music and an artist, and it just goes to show you that maybe the scene isn’t dead after all!

Now that we have the particulars of Gokey Gate out of the way, I had a few more things to say before I stop boring everyone!

This summer there are a lot of shows and great tours coming through! I know I will be at a few, and I’d like to meet anyone who reads this blog or who has an interest in Rock Life! Things will hopefully pick up once we relocate to our new city and headquarters (it’s a surprise!) and we’ll be revamped and ready to open by the end of the year!

So where do you come in? It’s simple! Rock Life is going to need street teamers all across the country to help us promote our bands, artists, and merchandise! Don’t miss your chance to be part of things! So if you’re going to be at Warped Tour in Cincinnati, Ohio, or the American Idol tour in Cleveland, Ohio, let me know here!

There may be more shows coming up for Rock Life this summer, so stay tuned, and keep in touch! Got questions? Got comments? Leave them here! Anything and everything goes!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter under RockLifePromo!

Until then, stay true!



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