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It's way too early to be doing this.
forever_is_fine wrote in rock_life
G'morning, babydolls! It's Shell, and it's six in the AM here in Philly because new college grad + no job yet + still living at home until job is procured with mother who thinks suffering is motivation = awake at insane hours that no human being has any right to be awake at with nothing to do but blog and bulletin. I give you a bulleted list, so you can browse through at your leisure:

+ Random complaint - So some updates from the world of Rock Life land. Sammy-dear just got our flyers to take with her to Warped, promoting Fletch and Cash Cash, only to find out that they were far more pixelated than I was led to believe would occur upon printing. I could blame myself for this, but it's six frigging AM and I'm in no mood to take responsibility for anything, so I'll blame it on FedEx/Kinkos lack of alert that I should have uploaded a higher resolution image.

+ Warped Tour update - Sam and Adrayn will be at the Warped in Cincinnati on July-30th-don't-quote-me-on-that-it's-pretty-early, and I believe will still be at the Cute Is What We Aim For show in Covington, KY on August 13. I'll have to check in with her on that to be sure, but go say hi to her if you see her.

+ TAI is definitely fast, and probably easy - Anyone not living under a rock knows that The Academy Is...has posted two new songs on their MySpace from their upcoming album Fast Times At Barrington High, "About A Girl" and "Summer Hair Forever Young." Both are really good, the whole group has come a long way since The Academy, so if you have in fact been living under a rock I suggest going on over to their MySpace and giving them a listen. Fast Times is set for release in stores on August 19 and can be preordered now at Fueled By Ramen. (MySpace: theacademyis)

+ Departure - Okay, eighties kids. You know who you are, and you can't lie to me and say that during your high school years you didn't think you were amazingly cool because you were rocking out with your friends to Backstreet Boys and N*Sync. For those of you who can freely admit this, I strongly suggest checking out Jesse McCartney's recent album Departure. Yes, he's a Disney star. Yes, he has embarrassing things in his past, like his awful hair while he was part of Dream Street. But damn, the boy has come a long way in his music career and he's done well. Go to his MySpace (jessemccartney) and give a listen to the song "Leavin'.

+ Rotation - Also out on shelves now, and it has been for a little bit, is Cute Is What We Aim For's Rotation, another CD we've been listening to on repeat because Shaant's voice makes us want to snuggle him, amongst other things. Their MySpace has a song from it up, "Practice Makes Perfect," and the CD is available in stores and from Fueled By Ramen. So go give that a listen. (MySpace: cuteiswhatweaimfor)

+ Items - So about seven more shirt designs available in our store, some of the last of the simpler vector designs before I start putting together some more complex images and getting them out, plus a few old ones. Here are some pics of what we've got, check it out:

+World Tours, Not Wars Tee (white or black)
+I Rock Socks Tee (various colors)
+Jack of Blades Tee (various colors)

+ROCKBANDS 1" Silicone Style 1 Wristband

Also, if anybody's in the Philly area, or wherever really, looking for somebody who's got nothing better to do but be bothered online, you can check out my lil' ol' MySpace and drop me a friend request or hit me up on AIM under the screen name dispadaferisce. I'm probably not doing anything but refining a resume and doing some web design work.

Luvs & Kisses,
- An Extremely Tired And Out Of It Boo Boo Kitty


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