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New Item: ROCKBANDS Ultra Wide Wristbands
forever_is_fine wrote in rock_life

So, we've got a new item at the Love Me Or Leave Me / Rock Life Promotions webstore!

ROCKBANDS are ultra wide, 100% industrial strength silicone wristbands. They're 8 inches around (sized for a teen to an adult), 1/4 inch thick, and at nearly 1 inch wide are much larger than standard rubber and silicone wristbands.

Style 1 is now available, the first of several we plan to create, sporting the phrase "love me or leave me" and our Love/Hate logo.

Check it out at our BigCartel shop! Our initial shipment is pretty small to test the waters, so once they're gone there will be a short wait for our next shipment, as well as for our second style.


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